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Tips To Choose The Best Shaft For Irons

10 May 2019/Iron

Choosing the right shaft for your game is one of the most fundamental aspects of golf. However, the sheer range of choices is evidently baffling. Therefore, it is important to optimize the alternatives by focusing on the core criteria. If you are looking for some of the best golf shafts for irons, Patriot Golf, backed up by experience of over 2 decades, is one of the most celebrated when it comes to custom fitting and assembling golf clubs.


As mentioned, you need to focus on the core criteria. The following are some of the basic points you need to keep in mind.

The Shaft Flex

While looking for a shaft the first thing to focus on is the shaft flex. Importantly, the toughness of the shaft flex depends on the extent of the swing tempo. The pace of the swing is fast, medium or slow. Generally speaking, the stiffness of the flex is directly proportional to the tempo of the swing.


One of the most fundamental criteria is the release. Release is early, medium or late. Generally speaking, early release is most prevalent in lesser players. Therefore, it is broadly recommended to go for the late release as it prompts stronger shots and is an obvious sign of the better player. Besides, the swing speed also is relatively higher.

Height Of Ball Flight

The height of ball flight, or trajectory, is one of the core criteria in staff selection. The height of the ball flight is intimately related to the content of the staff. Generally speaking, the ball flight is directly proportional with the flexibility of the staff. Besides, the bend point of the shaft also affects the ball flight. The ball flight shrinks in the case of a higher bend point.

Flight Direction

Flight direction is a fundamental determinant in shaft selection. Technically, improper shafts might negatively affect the flight direction. Therefore, it is critical to note that a shaft that is too flexible might impede the quality of ball flight. Specifically, for right-handed players too stiff a shaft might cause troubles.

Distance Control

The shaft selection must factor in the aspect of distance control. As it is, the weight of the shaft is a huge determinant. Technically, the club length increases proportionately with the lightness of the staff. On the other hand, the scope for distance gain increases in accordance with the flexibility of the shaft. Similarly, the club length decreases proportionately with the heaviness of the staff. Ideally, you should an optimal combination of both.


Price is one of the most critical aspects. When it comes to staff selection there is a sweeping range of shaft prices. It is important to keep in mind that the price is no guarantee of performance. Generally speaking, it is ideal to pick shafts factoring in their respective specifications and whether or not they blend with the player’s preferences.

As mentioned at the outset the difficulty of choosing the right staff is magnified by the sheer range of options. Focusing on the specifications helps you optimize your choices conveniently.

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