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Three Tips To Choose The Right Custom Irons

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Three Tips To Choose The Right Custom Irons

10 May 2019/Mizuno Irons

Generally speaking, the sheer range of golf clubs available in the market is enough to baffle the buyer. Therefore, the idea is to optimize the options by narrowing down to the most fundamental criteria. With a view to address a broad scope of preferences Patriot Golf is one of the most celebrated names when it comes to custom fittings and golf clubs assembling.

Before you look forward to buy Mizuno customs irons online, it is essential to focus on the three most elemental aspects.

Club Head Design

The foremost point to consider is the design of the club head. Technically, the club head is, as it were, the epicenter of the overall impact. As a result, it is of utmost significance to consider the type of club head in accordance with your performance skills. Broadly speaking, there are three club head styles: the regular size, the oversized head and the midsized head. The regular style, also known as the blade style, is ideally suited for expert players. Beginners should go for the oversized head while for the intermediate golfer the midsized is the most preferred option.

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For beginners the oversized head is particularly advantageous. It consists of a deep cavity back and a lower center of gravity. These features make it perfect for the novice style of playing. The position of the center of gravity ensures that the ball is more easily lifted into air. On the other hand, the deep cavity is intended to make the club more accommodative of a beginner’s faltering. The midsized head is almost similarly fitted out, except for the larger cavity back. Lastly, the blade head is intended to give more control over the movement of the ball. Consequently, it is best suited to the more advanced player.

Type of Shaft

Yet another crucial aspect to consider is the type of shaft. The two kinds of shafts – steel and graphite – vary in their performance in accordance with the priorities of the player. While steel is certainly more durable it tends to make the shaft heavier. On the other hand, the graphite shaft allows the player to choose the flex as he likes it. At the same time, it is relatively less durable. Also, the graphite shaft does not feel as heavy and is therefore easier to handle. Generally speaking, it is always recommended to test the shaft to get a feel of the stuff before deciding. As it is, you as a player must be comfortable with your instruments.

Shaft Flex

The last point to consider is the shaft flex. Most importantly, the type of shaft flex is directly related to the trajectory of the ball and the club speed. Also, the flex determines the degree of bend you need while swinging the club. In order to decide upon the flex it is best to test it practically to measure your comfort level. Try out the various golf clubs in order to get an approximate idea of the ball flight and the degree of swing you need and are comfortable at.

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