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test Lonny Larson owner of Patriot Golf really puts his heart into his work, he has done a beautiful job on the clubs he has built for me and he is such a pleasant and patient person this is test this is test this is test this is test this is test

Scott Smith Cinncinati, Ohio - World Long Drive Record Holder of 539 yards

Patriot Golf has done an excellent job for me.” Lonny really cares about your satisfaction. I have had several clubs built by Lonny and he always cares about the end results.

Nick Owatonna

Patriot Golf/Lonny Larson

Having been literally born into the game of golf, as my father was a teaching Pro and Course Superintendent during my childhood. I retreated from the game for a number of years but upon my son taking the game up, I became reenergized. The troubling issue for me has always been gaining a truly professional clubfitters attention to actually custom fit these clubs to your physical abilities, taking in your shortcomings and compensating with a well thought out approach to the task.

I can state emphatically, that while it took some 30+ years to find that “diamond in the rough,” you may rest assured that Patriot Golf and Lonny Larson are these go to guys. My golfing life has become much easier knowing with confidence that not only did Lonny clearly evaluate my individual needs but he also hand built all of my clubs to his exacting specifications. As a graduate Engineer and dedicated tinker… between what equipment my father left behind and my acquisition of the latest digital and computer driven technology I have closely scrutinized Lonny’s work to verify conformance to agreed upon build specifications … through more complete sets and individual clubs than can be discussed here not once has there been any deviation from our agreed upon build specifications.

Therefore I consider it a privilege to work with Lonny not only as a professional clubfitter … but additionally as a man of unquestioned character, integrity and a superior get it done RIGHT the first time code of ethics.

My heartfelt thank you Lonny,

Mike Jones Fort Worth, TX

Lonny Larson at “Patriot Golf” is a professional club builder from Owatonna, Mn. His knowledge and attention to detail is top-notch and the reason I go to him for all my golfing needs.

His Custom made, balanced clubs are a joy to swing!

I’m an older athlete and all the sports injuries I’ve acquired over the years from playing football, wrestling etc., has all but forced me to give up the game. But since I started using the clubs Lonny puts together, my old and persistent injuries are no longer an issue. What a great confidence builder knowing I can play a round of golf pain free!

With Matching Custom-fitted clubs, you learn to let the club take over, let it do it’s job instead of using bad body posturing to help control ball flight.

I’d recommend Lonny Larson to anyone regardless of skill level, professional or amateur.

Jeff Olson LaCresent, MN

My experience dealing with Lonny and patriot golf has been nothing short of a golfers dream come true. Dealing directly with an owner and a one on one interaction to gain the knowledge we seek as golfers is something you can’t put a price on. And the prices were exceptional as well for the quality of products and service you receive. I will always use patriot golf, and refer everybody else to Lonny and the crew at patriot golf!

Thanks again Lonny, what you do is a service much appreciated, take care and we will be in touch!

Mike H. East Haven, CT

“Patriot Golf, YES! – ________Golf: NO!”

“For lefties, it’s no easy task to find good equipment and good service on the Net.”

“I was very fortunate to come across both when I got to:

and its owner, Lonny Larson.”

“The business sells a good deal of brand name iron heads like Bang, Kent Sports and Alpha, at very good prices. Lonny Larson is a very nice person.”

“The better part for me is the vast choice of Left hand equipment. Many times I have come across dealers who do not sell the LH counterpart of a specific model.”

“So far, I have tried the Silver Diamond MDC Tour from Kent and the ALPHA C1 Tour Irons.” “The Kents are very nice and look pricey although they are very affordable.” “They play good too.” “Equipment-wise the Alphas are nothing short of great.”

“How I got my hands on the Alphas is a long and unbelievable story.” “Lonny Larson and I both laughed ourselves to tears during the course of this adventure.”

“As good as Patriot Golf was to me, be warned about the following site:

“Hello Lonny, This one is for you:

Serge Canada

The Club – Great! The first few times I took it out, it performed as expected. LONG! I still have no regrets purchasing my driver from you. Great service & craftmanship.

Mel Dickison Huntington, West Virginia

Thanks again, Lonny…I will always check your site first when I’m in the market for components.

Adrian Clinton Texas

“Thanks Lonny,”

“You are on my Favorites.” “I’m also the President of the Hi Holers Golf Cub and I will forward your Web site to my members.

“Thanks for the great Communication,”

Billy O. California

Hi Lonny” “Driver is great” “I get my desired ball trajectory with 7.5 degree low spin and lots of roll.” “I also love the Ball Buster Grips, they are better priced and feel great. This grip feels so natural, I am glad that it is conformed to USGA

Nop Bangkok, Thailand


“Just a note to tell you how much I love my Bangster driver. I am hitting the ball to places on certain golf courses that I have never been before. In reference to distance. It seems like I am hitting past all of the trouble that was reachable with my old driver. As far as hitting it straight, that needs a little work. But, I am not hitting the snap hook that I used to hit. I can’t tell you enough how much I like it. The only down side, is that now I have to work on my short iron game a lot harder because of the distance I am having on my second shot. A lot more wedges into greens. For instance, there is a course I play where before I used to have about 100 to 110 yards after my tee shot, now I have about 50 to 60 yard chip shot. In fact, I have been having those kinds of shots more often. I just have to practice those.”

“Thanks again for the driver. I am always looking for ways to better my game. Let me know if any “new” technology comes out in the future. Going to be hard to beat the Bangster.”

Kevin "Rock" Rockwell

“Lonny and I got together to fine tune every golf club in my bag. We established my swing profile and then checked my clubs for lofts, lies angles and shaft flex. We immediately found a huge loft gap between my 9 iron and pitching wedge. So large, that we needed to add a 48 degree C1Pro Alpha wedge to “Fill the Gap” This is one very fine forged iron and well worth the price, but its still less expensive then an “off the shelf wedge” that would no doubt need to be checked and tweeked.””After reshafting 4 other irons and resetting the lofts on others I now believe I have the best set of clubs for my game. Now I can play golf and not be frustrated with errant shot due to poorly constructed clubs. This has always been a big concern for me as off the shelf golf clubs do not fit my game. Lonny also made me a Bang golf “3” hybrid, which is just what I needed to replace my hard to hit “3” iron.”

“Further, Lonny documented all the necessary information for every club in my bag and keeps that record on his computer for easy access. Now, if I need a replacement or repair I can contact Lonny and we can quickly and easily match it with the rest of my golf clubs. I play on The Golf Channel Amateur Tour and have had good success with winning, but now I feel my chances will improve with the help Lonny has given me. Incidentally, these clubs were originally built by one of the so called top club makers in the area. I was quite surprised and disappointed by the discrepancies in length, lofts and flexs.”

“Lonny’s work is impressive to say the least and I would recommend him to anyone looking for top quality, custom made clubs. If you need a pro club builder I would recommend Lonny from Patriot Golf.”

Mike Ehlert MN

“I received all the components quickly and in good order. I built the clubs over the weekend and they will be in the team’s hands this week. The team is composed of great kids, and I wanted to be sure to get this job done right and done quickly, as they will be attending a college meet in a week, and they want to use these utility woods at the tournament. (The team’s coach still loves her utility club, by the way, as does my lefty wife.)”

“Thanks for the personal contacts and excellent advice. I know I am always going to get personal service and a friendly response when I order from you. Patriot Golf is my first choice for club-building components. I appreciate your help, Lonny.”

Dr.Bruce Barrett Office of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness Kent State University

“Since we know Patriot Golf and it’s owner Lonny Larson, we are 100% percent sure to get good equipment for a good price. The good advice and friendship came along with it and makes it much more worthy. We are certain to get all the stuff we want and need and more ! Lonny, we hope to stay in touch and be one of your favorite customers!! We can definately recommend Patriot Golf to all your customers who appreciate good service.”

Jeroen van der Meer (former Dutch javelin champion and trying to compete in longdrive championships in the future) and Astrid Polak (leftie and orthopedic surgeon)Netherlands

“My new woods came in late Saturday and I got to use them today. They are AWESOME!!!
My game improved 5 strokes over yesterday. If you was here I would hug you!! Now I got to get the driver, 3, 5, and 7 to match them. You most definitely have a new customer.”

Richard Hawthorne Mexia, Texas

I currently play to an 11 handicap right now, I thought I had good irons before…… that was until I found Lonny Larson and his Patriot Golf site while searching the ‘net for golf components. After a few conversations and sharing of ideas, Lonny (with utmost care and attention) assembled a set of Left-Handed Turbo Power XL-8 irons (low offset version) for me (3-SW), also 52* and 60* Professional Open wedges, all mounted on frequency matched Accuflex stepless steel shafts – Lonny’s quality and workmanship are second to none. I got them right when our Canadian winter started, so I didn’t get a chance to hit them outdoors until a few weeks ago. After two really good sessions at the range and only one round of golf so far, I cannot even begin to tell you how great these clubs are – very nice to look at, but they perform even better than they look. I never believed that an iron existed that was “easier to hit”….. until now! I have never caught so many balls so solid….. nope that’s wrong – so consistently solid in my life. What’s that???? 4-iron, or even the dreaded 3-iron off the turf……forget it right????…..WRONG!!! I now nail 3 and 4 irons off the turf solidly, and consistently. What used to be low stingers with my old irons, are now soaring majestic golf shots with Lonny’s clubs. There is no doubt in my mind that with Lonny’s clubs my handicap is going to decrease to single digits this season – my enjoyment of the game has been re-born. I did not know Lonny before this all started – it’s funny how things work out sometimes, what started as an innocent click to a golf website turned into a wonderful friendship with an honest, respectful, and caring individual who knows the game, and his golf equipment. If you want awesome equipment, awesome service, and want to deal with an honest guy, look no further than Patriot Golf (and the prices are pretty darn good too)!!! Lonny will do his absolute best to hook you up with equipment that WILL do good things for your game. Thanks a million Lonny, you have earned a customer and friend for life!!!
Warmest Regards,

Saskatchewan Canada

“Hi Lonny” “I did rip the driver a country mile when I made a good swing.” “But a big thumbs up and I’m doing my marketing for you, who knows you may get some other interests in the future.”

Steve England

To my friend Lonny at Patriot Golf,
It is rare these days to have the support and patience you have shown. Clearly, you really care about your customers and working with them on getting the best equipment which suits their games. You have gone above and beyond in helping me fine-tune my equipment, and I sincerely thank you for your prompt and detailed responses to all of my e-mails. Once again, thank you!!!

Warren S. Bankston Jr., Ph.D. Long Drive Competitor

The irons went straight and sweet and I am hitting them a little longer than my old clubs. I took them to the range. I hit about 50 balls with only the 8 iron and every shot was pretty consistent. As my tempo got better, the length I hit kept increasing, plus the ball was coming off of the face so good I couldn’t even feel the impact.

I think that the clubs are going to be great and all the guys said they wished that their clubs looked as good as mine, some of that came from one of the guys that just bought a $900.00 set of _____ irons about 3 weeks ago. I am still getting used to the shorter club lengths, but if I keep hitting them better and better, the length issue might be something I should have changed a long time ago.

Thanks for good job you did building the clubs.

Howard S. Surprise, Arizona

Lonny is a top club builder and one of the most knowledgeable and talented people I know dealing in the dynamics of long driving. He has built a few clubs for me and recently we analyzed my swing results and built the perfect club for me. I have been only golfing for less than a year and am now highly competitive in the EDC circuit and having a great time at it. Thanks for all of your hard work Lonny.

Jeff Nadler Chandler, AZ.

When I started my search for a new driver I didn’t think it would lead me to Patriot Golf and Lonny Larson, but I’m sure glad it did. After the initial online club fitting and numerous emails, I came away with a gut feeling that Lonny wanted to build the best driver for me and have it perform like I wanted it too. Based on his recommendations, Lonny built a El Diablo driver with a Whup N Shaft and after hitting it on the range and playing only a few rounds, I can say this is the best driver I have ever hit. No more playing it safe, long and straight works just fine!

I want to thank Lonny for his honest and top quality work and without any hesitation, I would recommend Patriot Golf for any of your golf club needs.

Steve Hildebrandt Cannon Falls MN

“For all of you that are in need of Golf Clubs …go to Lonny Larson at Patriot Golf.
He will go out of his way to satisfy you. This is good old fashion customer care.
He is a fantastic clubfitter and clubuilder. I do not buy any clubs from any one that sells Golf Clubs that are mass produced and usually never match.”

Ron Wagner Las Vegas, NV

“I recently purchased two component heads from Lonny – the Bangster driver head and the Alpha Active Beta Face Version 5 three wood head. First, to comment on Lonny’s professionalism and courteous service, I would tell you that he deals with you straight and gives you as good of a price as you will find on the internet for what you order. I am a remarkably conscientious shopper, and I recommend Lonny highly. I would certainly do business with him again. He takes his time in answering all of your questions, and he ships your order out to you promptly.

Now, with regard to the component heads themselves: I am a 7 handicapper, and I purchased the component heads because I had two shafts that I wanted to fit to provide myself with a back-up driver/three wood for those times I am struggling with my Taylor Made Burner and my Ping G10 fairway metal. I totally recommend the Bangster for the price, as I think it hits comparably to the upper echelon marketed drivers. As to the Alpha three wood component, it is certainly geared for better golfers, in my opinion. It is a powerful clubhead component. “

Timothy St. Ann, MO

With this as my first year as Long driving Professional I am grateful for the help I got from Lonny Larson owner of Patriot Golf in assisting me to get off the ground with this fantastic sport! He is very professional and helps more than is expected!

Thanx Lonny!

Dewald Guows South Africa 2nd Place ReMax Long Drive World Finals in Oct. 2008.

Lonny, just wanted to let you know that I have had an opportunity to hit the Bangtser you built for me. The Bangtser was for sure a step up from the dark matter. It is longer and easier to keep on line. When it gets warmer I hope to get the full benefits of this driver. Going from a 44in. to a 45in. shaft was no problem as I have been consistently hitting the middle of the face. Thank you for building such a quality golf club.

Jeff Baldridge Mooresville,IN

I happened to “stumble” upon the Patriot Golf website while looking for a particular type of iron head for a new set of irons. I gave Lonny a call and he very patiently walked and talked me thru all my options. Long story short, Lonny helped me to finally decide on the right design for my game at a very good price. It is a pleasure doing business with someone who clearly enjoys doing this and you will not go wrong working with Lonny in any of your clubmaking needs.

Jim Grier South Glastony, CT

Being a rookie in the Long Drive sport in 2010, it was hard trying to figure out what exact driver head and shaft you should be using.  There is no doubt in my mind that without Lonny’s help, I wouldn’t be able to continue to do well in this ever increasing sport.  It was very easy and without any question, Lonny knows the Long Drive game.

Thanks for all you help Lonny!

Chris Perseke “Rookie” – United States

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my club buying and fitting experience. If there is anyone out there that is thinking about buying a set of clubs built by Mr. Larson, let me you tell you my story.

I found patriot golf just web surfing golf sites. I read what other customers had to say, but you know how it is you still kinda wonder. Since Lonny’s shop is 30 or 40 miles from where I live I gave him a call, we had a nice talk and I made an appointment to see him. Here is where it gets good I spent some time on his swing machine, used some of his demo clubs. I picked out the ones I hit the best. Lonny guided me, gave me options on shafts grips the whole deal. I had also brought my driver along, thinking I might need a new shaft to fit my swing speed. He looked at it and told me much to my surprise that I had a very high end shaft and if I ever want to put a new driver head on use the same shaft. I never thought any more about it until the drive home. Lonny could have sold me a new shaft and I would have never been the wiser. This man is as honest as the day is long, I feel I have made a friend along with getting a great set of clubs. If the snow ever ends up here in Minn. I can’t wait to get out and try them.

thanks for everything Lonny

Jim Quast Minnesota

Hello Lonny,

At age 69 and having played golf for over 45 years, I suspect that I have spent over $50,000 buying golf clubs while trying to improve and/or maintain my game. In the past 5 years alone, I have purchased 14 different brand and different loft drivers and currently own 16 in total. These drivers were both off the shelf models and several that were custom built by professional club builders in south Florida after analyzing my swing, etc. And frankly; nothing worked. As I aged, my drives continued to become shorter and less often in the fairway no matter which club I used. The Driver Head with the Shaft you recommended and built for me has me consistently hitting long drives in the fairway like I did when I was 40 years old. And does it feel GREAT to again see the ball booming down the fairway 275 yards and hearing that sweet sound at impact.

Sir; you are head and shoulders above ANY club maker I have ever met or talked to; and I have met and/or talked to many. By simply changing my drivers offset loft, shaft flex and length has made stepping up to the Tee something I actually look forward to again. You are a TRUE credit to the golfing world and to your profession. I can’t thank you enough and I hope that I have the opportunity to personally meet you someday.

Frank Steele Beach Mountain, NC