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Vector 25C Flash Forged Iron Heads (3-PW)

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• Forged from .25 carbon                                  • Deep cavity in long irons

• Shallow cavity in wedges                               • Progressive cavity depth

• D grind on the leading edge                         • D grind on the trailing edge

• Nickel chromium plated                                • Gold diamond scores on face

• Modern lofts                                                      • U groves

• Easily adjustable lofts and lies                    • Butter soft feel

• Adds playability                                                • Increases feel and control

• Each club is weighted as it should be        • Allows for any angle of attack

• Wont snag on take away                                • Looks that are beyond compare

• Frames the ball to the target        • Adds distance & allows the use of an AW

• Optimum spin                                              • Allows for a more custom fit


  • RH & LH Available!

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