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Pinhawk Single Length Individual Hybrid Heads




The long anticipated redesigned Pinhawk SL Hybrid!  Here it is: Same exact weight, lie angle, and 5 degree gap in loft as the longer irons. This 4 Hybrid 20 degree loft component head will complete your set! We also have the 5 Hybrid 25 degree loft in stock.

This is meant to be built at the same exact length as your Pinhawk irons – it will fit into your set like a glove. The offset face and ‘all business’ look inspires confidence at address. Our testing of these went better than we ever thought it would!

This would be an awesome hybrid to own, even if you are not adding to your Pinhawk SL set. Why is that?

Because of the weighting, you can build this much shorter than a conventional hybrid length (37 inches is standard length), and you can still maintain a proper balance and swingweight. This was the whole idea behind the popular ‘Perfect Club’ that you may have seen on TV – the theory being that shorter and heavier meant much more accuracy. This is definitely true, so try this one out even by itself!