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Welcome to Patriot Golf – Patriot Golf Custom Golf Club Store

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for Custom Golf Clubs.

I can build Custom Clubs to fit you. If you are interested in getting some Custom Clubs, contact Patriot Golf.  Clubs by Mizuno, Alpha, Bang, Wishon and a few more very fine components.  If you do not see what you want, email me at

Select the components that fit your swing and buy custom golf clubs from my store.  We can customize them your way or take advantage of my fitting form and consultation and with the information you provide I will customize them for you.

If you want custom clubs I have a questionaire I can send you to fill out and fit you based on your answers. The questions cover the areas that usually affect how well you can swing a club. I’ve had a great deal of success fitting golfers as far away as Australia and throughout the USA.

For shaft fitting and custom shaft selection please use this link: to select the correct Wishon shaft for you. If you wish to use a shaft other than a Wishon Shaft I can provide recommendations that match the Wishon shafts based on your result from the shaft fitting software. A special quote can be calculated and an email invoice can be sent for any shaft that isn’t listed in the shop.


Custom fitting and custom clubs allow you to play the best golf possible based on your age, strength, and athletic ability. Having the right designs, the right length, weight and flex adjusted to your ability allows you to be the best golfer you can be.


*NOTE: I do maintain inventory of allot of the heads and shafts on my website. Some best sellers I try to keep in stock and some I have to order for your custom order. Please allow 2 weeks after your order for me to get the final products shipped to you.  If your heads or shafts are out of stock at the vendor and will cause a delay in delivery to me I will contact you immediately – Thanks